Urban and Industrial
Urban and industrial images
Behind Vevey railway station
desaturate background using painted mask
curves adjustment to increase contrast of the truck 
sharpening of the truck
reduction in saturation of the truck too
Lausanne, Chauderon bridge
Vevey, Gillamont.
Vevey, Viaduc du Gillamont.
Hythe Pier, Southampton Water
Lausanne, Riponne
Lausanne, Riponne
En Bergère, Vevey
Lausanne, Flon
Lausanne, Grand Pont
Lausanne, Escaliers du Marché
Lausanne, Pont Beziers
Lausanne, Cité
Lausanne, Flon
Lausanne, Flon
Lausanne, Chauderon
Lausanne, Chauderon
Monserrat, Spain
Lausanne Chauderon
Surrey Docks, London
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